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With years of experience using our solutions on sites around the world Ektor is able to offer both Wireless and Wired solutions. Our Ektor Lynk system is a complete Wireless solution is easy, self-healing and future-proof with features such as power measurement tools, automatic backup of test results, test management and traceability. Offering the option of expansion/ interface to other systems like none other.

Lynk your products

Wireless control without complication or mess

Ektor’s Wireless Test and Monitoring solution, Lynk, delivers simple and easy testing of emergency lighting and helps meet regulatory compliance

Additionally, the solution helps to reduce ongoing maintenance and testing costs, which over time grows into a substantial figure

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Ektor products connecting via Lynk: EWAC, Quadro Professional, Umbra Professional, Mercury Professional, Ledfire Pro, Smart Exits, Jumbo Professional

Ektor has Wireless sites installed Australia wide

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Emergency power measurement

To understand your buildings power usage it is vital to understand what products are consuming power, regardless of the type of product.

Our emergency products support device type 51 for power measurement. Device type 51 devices allows per-fitting power management and reporting through the zencontrol Cloud.

Ektor emergency products are smart enough to report their power consumption every 15 minutes, giving building owners an understanding on how much power the emergency lighting is consuming.

Together with the lighting and control system components such as sensors or switches a building owner is able to get a true representation on power usage.

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Thread, Wireless Mesh connectivity

Ektor emergency products are equipped with state-of-the-art Lynk Wireless Meshing technology allowing the emergency lighting to connect together, creating their own network for control and reporting.

This self-healing mesh makes it easy to deploy or retrofit as the emergency luminaires require no additional wires. Commissioning of the emergency devices is made easy with a Bluetooth1 interface which allows installers to quickly connect to and configure.

A self-healing mesh for Ektor emergency luminaires.
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The Ektor wireless solution

Regulatory Compliance

Reduce the cost of compliance with the Ektor Wireless Solution, Lynk, which helps to provide compliance with AS/NZS2293

Additionally, the Lynk is made to work with and perfectly integrates with the zencontrol system, a system which has been tested and complied to IEC62034 by TÜV-SÜD.

This additional testing ensures that our solution meets the requirements which are critical to providing a safe and reliable monitoring system.

IEC62334 by






Rather than tracking individual Emergency devices, every test is based on the location of the device. With this method, when emergency devices are replaced, removed, or added the system can provide full through-life traceability. This process stops devices from being removed from the system without due process. For each test session all changes, repairs, and results are tracked and reported together as a complete test to give the full test detail.
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Automatic backup of test results
To ensure compliance and reduced liability for Site managers, the Ektor Wireless Solution includes the zencontrol Cloud platform, which automatically backs-up and stores all test results and maintenance data off-site.
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Reliability, certification, procedure

High Quality means High Performance Products

All Ektor products are engineered and designed by one of the largest lighting engineering teams in Australia

IEC standards compliant
Ektor products have been built and tested to IEC standards. These standards have been designed by teams of industry and country representatives and have undergone rigorous testing. Importantly, these standards have undergone peer review and have defined methods and understanding of how to deal with edge cases which otherwise could have resulted in failure or increased risk.
Our emergency products are built in a 100% Australian owned factory with ISO 9001:2005 certification from TÜV-SÜD. Each product undergoes a strict quality control process and is tested in the factory for up to 32 hours.
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Let products talk!  Ensure cross-compatibility and reduce single supplier risk, by choosing Ektor

The Ektor Wireless Solution is built to IEC standards
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The Ektor Wireless Solution was built on IEC62386-104. The only IEC standard for wireless lighting control

The Ektor Wireless Solution is built to IEC standards
Built to IEC standards, the Ektor Wireless Solution allows cross-compatibility with other compliant manufacturers. This reduces single supplier risk and allows customers to choose the design and product that best suits their application.
The Ektor Wireless Solution uses Thread as the transport layer over IEC62386-104. Thread was originally designed by Google and used with its own nest products and now is an independent system. This layer uses proven and tested security practices to ensure secure onboarding and communications.

Ektor has compliance at its core, Lynk is tried and tested

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A Complete solution

Testing has never been easier

Sync and manage your sites online in a convenient tool box. Ensure your devices are working to the max and get information about lamp and battery life.

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Integrating Ektor Wireless Solution with zencontrol's state-of-the-art Cloud platform allows Facilities managers to add multiple sites to the same interface. A single convenient platform that can be used to monitor and report the status of every site.
Buildings can be segmented into individual tenancies, each with their own testing schedules, reports, and abilities and still be a part of the same building and system.

A manager can change each users access control. Users can be added to individual tenancies each with their own access control, which allows users to view or edit site settings.
The Cloud platform allows for almost unlimited simultaneous users and for multiple tenants to use the system at the same time.

View and manage faults and issues from an intuitive interface which represents the layout of the building. With Plan View it becomes easy to visualize the location and understand the fault.
Expansion/ interface to other systems
Interface to a BMS, fire or alarm panels with a wide range of interfaces including Cloud-based APIs, BACnet, UDP and low-level inputs and outputs.
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Biggest job using an integrated zencontrol system had over 1,200,000 individual BACnet points, real-time.

You're in safe hands when you choose Ektor solutions integrated with zencontrol
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Tried and tested

Wired solutions

Tried and tested for years, The Ektor Advanced Wired Application Controller (AWAC-2) is a fully DALI-2 compliant and compatible Ethernet gateway which can be integrated seamlessly into a Lynk installation, allowing both wired and wireless devices to work together.


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1 Bluetooth due Q1 2021 after certification

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