The Quadro

Strong bulkhead luminaire
Corridor mode
Corridor mode, optimized for use in walkways available on lite and full featured models
DALI Certified

Fully compatible and certified to the DALI standards. DALI certification is the best way to reduce risk and ensure compatibility

Wireless upgrade

With zencontrol technology the Quadro will automatically test and sync data to the zencontrol IoT Cloud

Self test

Commission the product to perform its own tests. Automate your Easy testing with smart emergency to reduce site time and overall costs.

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Wireless meshing

Connect emergency product's into a wireless mesh for simpler and easier emergency testing and monitoring. Our wireless mesh is based on industry-standard DALI protocols over IEC62386-104 making it compatible with other compliant systems
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Emergency and non-emergency

Keep your lighting streamlined with matching Emergency and non-Emergency models. Both models offer the same class leading features, such as DALI dimming, corridor holding and great design.
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Weatherproof ratings

For those tougher and more demanding environments, the Quadro range provide levels of protection against dust and weather with a IP65 ingress rating, and an IK08 rating for durability.


Optimize and save energy with your lights by choosing a Quadro model with a Microwave Motion Sensor. Both Emergency and non-Emergency models in the range come with a sensor option.
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Corridor hold

Our sensor enabled Lite and Standard Quadro models can hold the corridor or carpark lighting at a minimum lighting level when no occupants are detected, saving money and increasing the safety of your buildings occupants.

DALI-2 controls included

Our DALI enabled products also included a smart input which allows the addition of standard mains rated switches and sensors to be connected. These switches and sensors can be used within any DALI-2 control system as full function DALI-2 devices.
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Colour change options

The Lite models are supploed with tri-colour selection allowing the installer to select Warm White (3000K), Daylight (4000K) or Cool White (5700K). The Professional models have tuneable white allowing you to select the colour to suit your environment. The Quadro range is fully dimmable providing smooth, user-friendly control of room brightness. The sensor-enabled models also support corridor mode which has been specifically adapted for use in corridors and long rooms.

IoT Cloud

Our smart devices can be connected to the zencontrol cloud allowing remote testing and monitoring. Monitor all your sites from a single location with class leading features.
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Full Featured DALI

The Ektor Professional range of Quadros are supplied with full DALI features without compromise.

  • DALI-2 dimming (DT6)
  • DALI-2 Tuneable white (DT8-Tc)
  • DALI emergency (DT1)
  • DALI sensors (Part 303 Motion sensors & Part 304 Light level sensors)
  • DALI switches (Part 301 Pushbutton & Part 302 Absolute)
  • DALI power metering (DT 51)

Two Value Product Lines

Choosing the correct line is essential to ensure the requirements of your application are met

Reliability and Quality in a standard form factor
  • High Quality Lithium (LiFePO4) battery
  • Emergency and non-Emergency models available
  • Tri-colour selection
  • DALI Microwave Sensors
  • Corridor mode
  • IP65, weatherproof rating
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully compliant
  • 8 years design life at max. ambient
Class Leading Features, highest reliability and lowest power options
  • High Quality Lithium (LiFePO4) battery
  • Emergency and non-Emergency models available
  • Tuneable white (DALI device type 8)
  • DALI Microwave Sensors
  • Corridor mode
  • Fully DALI dimmable ( DT6, DT8,DT1)
  • Full DALI-2 controls, DALI switch (301, 302) and DALI sensors (303)
  • IP65, weatherproof rating
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Smart Charge
  • Self test
  • Lynk wireless mesh option
  • Power metering
  • 12 years design life at max. ambient

The Quadro range

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