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The 4th Generation

Every new generation of emergency products from Ektor have been painstakingly engineered to perfection in Australia. Boasting one of the biggest engineering teams in the industry you can be confident that we have the team and resources to deal with your requirements. For several generations, our products have offered groundbreaking features such as: Out of the box self-testing, smart charging, full DALI compliance and certification.  Generation IV continues to lifts the bar in performance, reliability and safety with newer, smarter features whilst retaining what was introduced in GENIII.

4th Generation

Taken to the next level, our 4th generation emergency product range sets a new standard. Generation IV delivers on three new key points:

Lynk: Wireless mesh
Ektor Generation 4th emergency products include the support for Ektor Lynk Wireless meshing. Built using IEC62386-104 over Thread, this generation of emergency products can be added to a wireless mesh for quick and easy installation, testing and monitoring. Being built on IEC standards allows for the interoperability with other compliant manufactures of lighting or emergency products.
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Power metering
Built-in power metering technology supporting DALI DT51 means control systems can measure the power usage of the emergency devices, report the usage and load directly to the user. This standardised approach for emergency reporting has been built into all D4i DALI-2 drivers providing a systematic approach to energy reporting that can include all lighting devices.
Bluetooth connectivity
Control and manage devices
Upgrade your Generation IV emergency products to support Bluetooth1 and enable commissioning and setup of standalone smart devices. Schedule the time you require the next test or run a diagnostic on the device.
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Power Saving
The power saving features found in the Ektor range of LED emergency lights and exit signs are a double win for consumers. Reducing power consumption reduces the cost of running the emergency lights and exit sign, this in turn reduces a buildings carbon footprint leading to a greener environment for everyone. With smart battery charging and automatic power factor disabling, the overall power consumption is considerably lower in comparison to competitive products.
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Long Service Life - Higher Ambient Temperatures
The reduction in power leads to lower heat, which increases the service life of the product (the consumer can only win with this combination). All electronics and LEDs are designed for operation in ambient temperatures of up to 40ºC with batteries which operate up to 60ºC. Increased ambient temperatures ratings ensure high life expectancy in rugged and demanding environments. High ambient temperature ratings on batteries, LEDs and electronics in combination with long life electronics providing 100,000 hours at 40°C.
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Extended Battery Service Life
Our New Generation of products employ a sophisticated multi-rate battery charger. This advanced battery charger increases the service life of the battery by reducing the charging periods of the battery and thus reducing the chemical process internal to the battery. The reduction in charging time helps preserve the battery's electrolyte and reduces the crystallisation that can occur when continually charged.
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Designed for LiFePO4

Smart charge, maximizing  charging efficiency

The New Generation implements smart charging specifically designed for LiFePO4 batteries. It uses an optimal charge algorithm designed to maximise the charging efficiency whilst ensuring the battery is charged in a minimal time. The smart charge system continually monitors the battery to ensure it is always performing at its peak and ready for the next emergency. Smart battery charging brings emergency lighting out of the dark, it helps to provide the most optimal battery life and the best value for money.

Quality Engineering

High Quality means High Performance Products

The New Generation of Ektor products have been designed to be the best performing products on the market today. Providing the best value, best energy consumption, optimal output and quality design, no short cuts have been taken in ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the best.

The qualification to the ISO9001 quality system should not be understated. All New Generation emergency products are manufactured and audited to ISO9001 by TUV Reinhardt, a leader in quality system approvals. This quality system allows us to deliver consistently and improve reliability which can not easily be achieved in products manufactured without a quality system.

With quality comes full forward and backwards traceability allowing quality issues to be tracked, identified, and minimised. The smart nature of our New Generation of product range allows your representative to provide fast and accurate lifetime analysis and reporting. This reporting system provides a method to quickly get to the bottom of a failure and also help with lifetime MTBF calculations and through life improvements.

There is a large difference between making a product and making a really exceptional product. All New Generation emergency products have been painstakingly engineered to perfection in Australia. Boasting one of the biggest engineering teams in the industry you can be confident that Ektor has the team and resources to deal with your requirements. But engineering doesn’t stop there; throughout the entire life of The New Generation of products, engineers are continuing to make advances in product reliability and design.

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Quality materials

Polycarbonate Plastic

High quality polycarbonate plastic is used in all our products removing ABS plastic from the mix. Polycarbonate provides a higher strength product and doesn’t produce the thick smoke that is normally produced by ABS and ABS + PC mixes when burnt. PC also provides better resistance to many chemicals found in specialised production facilities and farming sheds. For more information on the chemical resistance of the New Generation products see our Chemical resistance sheet.

Adhering to STANDARDS

Fully DALI compliant and certified


Our range is fully compliant and certified to not only DALI but also the new DALI-2 standard. zencontrol, the manufacturer of Ektor, is dedicated to moving the lighting and control industry forward and that means investing in DALI, and more specifically DALI-2. ” DALI-2 helps fill the gaps in the original standard, resulting in significant improvements in interoperability. DALI-2 adds new features, and introduces standardisation of control devices including the recent addition of input devices, while maintaining backwards compatibility  – DiiA Digital Illumination Interface Alliance


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32 Hour Burn-in Test
Quality and verification are a major difference provided by our newest generation of products versus many other products on the market. A 32 hour fully logged and qualified burn-in test is performed on 100% of our products. Vigorous testing standards allow us to identify quality and batch issues early and ensure that when the products are shipped we are confident that they will perform as required.
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Fully compliant
Where compliant means fully compliant. All our products are fully compliant to the required safety, EMC, and performance requirements right down to the finite details. While products on the market can be found not to comply even to the simplest requirements of labeling, our newest generation of products provide the best and most compliant range of products on the market today.

1 Bluetooth due Q1 2021 after certification

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