Batten lights illuminating an underground carpark

Umbra Advanced

Ektor is re-launching the Umbra Advanced in 2021. With reliability the number one focus, these re-engineered emergency battens come with a range of improved features, and a 5/2 extended warranty.

IK Ratings Explained

IK Ratings Explained

Although the inner components of most electronic devices are fragile, their external cases, or ‘enclosures’, can be made to withstand a fair bit of impact. This is where IK Ratings come in. An IK Rating is a quick and easy way to know exactly how much impact a device can handle.

Lots of Lithium batteries in different colours seen from above

Not all lithium batteries are equal

In our quest to find more efficient and eco-friendly power storage solutions, popularity is growing for lithium. Known for its energy dense, high-cost applications like mobile phones and laptops, lithium batteries are now used for most emergency lights in Australian. Lighter, more energy dense and versatile, lithium is better for the environment and has a longer lifetime. Yet not all chemistries are created equal. Let’s explore the main players in the lithium battery market, comparing them on performance, environmental impact and safety.

Ektor Slimline Core

Razor Surface Mount Core

Our new Core range of Razors offers more of the much loved slim architectural feel as its namesake but at a lower price point, proving yet again that good design doesn’t need to be expensive, even in the world of exit signs.

Ledfire Dome in ceiling being installed with screwdriver

Ledfire Dome

This Vandal Resistant Dome is a high impact (IK10) weatherproof(IP65) emergency luminaire suitable for installations where protection against vandalism or tampering is required.

Ektor Razor Core Ceiling Recessed

Razor Core

Rethink value with the latest addition to Ektor’s budget friendly core range - the look you want at a price you’ll love. This modern, streamlined design brings architectural style to every environment. Produced from quality materials and carrying Ektor’s stamp of reliability and excellence, these stylish exits are built to last.

Ektor Boxit Slim

Boxit Slim

A perfect complement to our blade exits, the Boxit Slim continues the sleek look through stairwells, carparks other areas where larger exits are traditionally used.

Razor Swing

Razor Swing

Contemporary streamlined styling and superior materials come together to produce the attractive Razor Swing Exit sign. Designed for long life, the sleek blade provides excellent illumination and consistency, exceeding industry compliance and standards.

Plan your Escape

Plan your Escape

An Intuitive All-in-One Wireless Emergency Lighting Solution: Testing, monitoring, and measuring has never been easier or more secure with Lynk’s protected Cloud-controlled back-ups. With the Power to Create, Assign, Manage and Edit across multiple sites, tenant managers, teams and users. Lynk is a powerful, self-linking, and self-healing system, that provides ultra-fast wireless connectivity with no need for additional cables or wires.

Ektor AU gets a new look

Ektor AU gets a new look

An iconic favourite just got reinvented! With the launch of the new Ektor Australia website, come and explore our full product offering, newest features and breakthrough technology.