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Commercial Use Warranty1 RTB (Total 1 Year)
Ordering codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability
05026EV-BOXIT-CLEAR DECALSBOXIT Clear Decals to suit 5001 & 5002.
12572EV-BOXIT-DPBoxit Decal Pack wall & ceiling - White & Green 3 x decals (left- right & straight)
01960EV-DECAL-MERCURY-V2Mercury GEN 2 CLEAR DECAL (Packed Individually)
01999EV-MERCURY-40M-DPMercury Jumbo 40M decals
11290EV-MERCURY-BASIC-DPMercury Basic decal pack
11220EV-MERCURY-CD-1Mercury custom decal to suit 11258 and 3135 - 1pc
11216EV-MERCURY-CD-2Mercury Clear Decal to suit 11258 and 3135 - 2pk
01995EV-MERCURY-DPMercury III decal pack
01996EV-MERCURY-DP-BMercury III decal pack - Black
12934EV-MERCURY-DP-USDMercury Basic Decal Pack - Upside down white & green 3 x decals (left- right & straight)
02985EV-RAZOR-16M-DPRazor 16M decal pack to suit 02684
02986EV-RAZOR-16M-DP-BRazor 16M decal pack - Black to suit 02685
02987EV-RAZOR-24M-DPRazor 24M decal pack to suit SKU# 02686 & BOXIT-SLIM SKU #15053
02988EV-RAZOR-24M-DP-BRazor 24m decal pack - Black to suit 02687
01961EV-RAZOR-CLEAR-DECAL-SINGLERazor 24M Clear Decal (Packed Individually)
02983EV-RAZOR-LEDFIRE-16M-R-MAN DECRazor-Ledfire 16M RM decals (right-left & straight)

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