Hover Switch Adv


Hover Switch Adv Power Adjustable Highbay

  • Power adjustable switch for improved energy efficiency to suit the application
  • Exceptional energy efficiency of up to 200lm/W, ensuring superior energy saving performance
  • The LED lifetime of >60,000 hours offers long-lasting performance and reduces maintenance costs
  • Versatile and reliable with the ability to operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -30 to 50 degrees
  • Built to withstand harsh weather conditions and moisture with an IP65 rating
  • Standard 120-degree beam angle provides wide coverage, with optional retrofit optics* for greater flexibility
  • Designed for industrial and commercial settings with IK08 rating for rugged durability
  • Upgradeable with sensor through high-quality Zhaga book 18 socket for additional power savings and control flexibility
  • Surge voltage rating of 6kV provides superior reliability and protection

Selected Models

  • Select between 80W, 100W and 120W
  • Select between 100W, 150W and 200W
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Total System Efficiency200 lm/W
The performance of each component of a luminaire is demonstrated through its efficiencies, which together determine the total system efficiency of the product. The output of the LED chip is first multiplied by the optical and thermal efficiencies to calculate the Luminaire efficiency. However, this calculation does not consider the driver efficiency. To determine the overall efficiency of the system, the Luminaire efficiency must be multiplied by the driver efficiency, which accounts for all losses in the system.


Body MaterialAlluminium alloy
Diffuser MaterialClear plastic
Fitting ColourBlack
IK RatingIK08
Installation TypeSuspended
IP RatingIP65


Earth Leakage0.75 mA
Electrical RatingClass I
Input Current
Input Frequency50 Hz
Input voltage230Vac
In Australia the Input voltage is defined as 230Vac -6%/+10%. This effectively means that the voltage range of these products are 216Vac - 253Vac or 240V +6%
Inrush Current
Maximum Wattage
Power Selection
EV-HOVER-SWITCH-ADV-200W-50K100 / 150 / 200 W
EV-HOVER-SWITCH-ADV-120W-50K80 / 100 / 120 W
Surge Protection L/N-PE6kV
Surge Protection L-N6kV
Working Temp Range-30 to 50 °C


Macadam Steps (SDCM)5-step MacAdam Ellipse
Beam Angle120 °
CCT ConfigurationSingle
Colour Rendering Index (CRI)>70

LED Lifetime

LED Lifetime>60000 hrs
This is the Reported LED Lifetime in Hours based on TM-21. Ektor does not list the projected or calculated LED lifetime, which is normally longer as TM-21 Addendum B explicitly states "The Calculated and Projected Lp(Dk) are not to be reported". This Lifetime refers to the life of a single LED however the system life is longer since the probability and binomial distribution of all LEDs in the system means that the average led is performing above the specification and compensates for the LEDs falling below.
TM-21 Test Hours10000 hrs

Colour temperature

80 Watts
5000 K16000 lm
100 Watts
5000 K20000 lm
120 Watts
5000 K24000 lm
100 Watts
5000 K20000 lm
150 Watts
5000 K30000 lm
200 Watts
5000 K40000 lm


Driver Type1-10V dimmable
Flex & Plug or Lead Length1500 mm
Wiring TypeRe-wireable Flex & Plug (3 pin)
Short Term Light Modulation (PstLM): The requirement is that PstLM should be less than or equal to 1.0. This metric measures the short-term flicker severity and ensures that flicker is not perceptible or is at a level that does not cause discomfort or health issues.
Stroboscopic Visibility Measure (SVM): The requirement for SVM is that it should be less than or equal to 0.4. The SVM metric assesses the visibility of the stroboscopic effect, which can make moving objects appear to be stationary or moving in discrete steps, thus ensuring that this effect is minimized in lighting environments to prevent visual discomfort and safety hazards.

Energy Savings Scheme

Ipart ApprovalYes
REES ApprovalYes
VEU ApprovalYes


Product Design Life8 years
The product design life relates to the total product life which includes LEDs, drivers and the enclosure. This is different to the LED lifetime which only refers to the economical lifetime of the LEDs at which time the lumen output has dropped below the L Value. The product design life is calculated at the maximum ambient or working temperature of the product and takes into account the Daily Use.
Daily Use20 hrs
The Daily Use is the recommended time required to meet the product's design life. Installations can exceed this time, however the product design life will be reduced proportionally.
  • AS/NZS 60598.1
  • AS/NZS 60598.2.1
  • AS/NZS 61347.1
  • AS/NZS 61347.2.13
  • AS CISPR 15


Commercial Use Warranty5 RTB (Total 5 Years)
VIP Warranty2 Onsite, 3 RTB (Total 5 Years)
VIP warranty is available to registered users and is subjected to additional terms and conditions. Register as a VIP today. Our standard warranty is return-to-base. Onsite warranty is only available to users who are registered, for sites located in the defined areas/regions and for purchases that have been registered.
Warranty Operating Hours25000 hrs
This product is provided with a warranty up until the stated warranty period or until the stated warranty operating hours has been reached (whichever occurs first).
Item CodeProduct DiameterProduct Height
EV-HOVER-SWITCH-ADV-120W-50K250 mm185 mm
EV-HOVER-SWITCH-ADV-200W-50K300 mm191 mm
Order codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability
12014EV-HOVER-SWITCH-ADV-120W-50KHover Switch Adv 120W Power Switch Highbay - 200lm/W - CRI70 - 5000K
12015EV-HOVER-SWITCH-ADV-200W-50KHover Switch Adv 200W Power Switch Highbay - 200lm/W - CRI70 - 5000K

*Auto generated datasheet (beta)
Order codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability
17719EV-HOVER-BRACKETCeiling mount bracket for Ektor Hover Core 120W and 150W highbays
17726EV-HOVER-SWITCH-120W-60D-LENS60deg Lens for Ektor Hover Switch Adv 120W Highbays
17725EV-HOVER-SWITCH-120W-90D-LENS90deg Lens for Ektor Hover Switch Adv 120W Highbays
17721EV-HOVER-SWITCH-120W-DIFFUSERPC Diffuser for Ektor Hover Switch Adv 120W Highbays
16083EV-HOVER-SWITCH-120W-REFLECTORAlu Reflector for Ektor Hover Switch Adv 120W Highbays
17724EV-HOVER-SWITCH-200W-60D-LENS60deg Lens for Ektor Hover Switch Adv and Pro 200W Highbays
17723EV-HOVER-SWITCH-200W-90D-LENS90deg Lens for Ektor Hover Switch Adv and Pro 200W Highbays
17720EV-HOVER-SWITCH-200W-DIFFUSERPC Diffuser for Ektor Hover Switch Adv and Pro 200W Highbays
17722EV-HOVER-SWITCH-200W-REFLECTORAlu Reflector for Ektor Hover Switch Adv and Pro 200W Highbays
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