Razor Professional – 24m


Razor Professional Slimblade Recessed Emergency Exit, 24m


  • Single and double-sided decals
  • Soft-start charger to reduce building load
  • Available in low illumination area black model
  • Fast emergency switch-over (<0.5s) for high-task areas
  • Chain and rod mounting with Surface and Rod Mount Kit
  • Long life electronics
  • High Quality Lithium battery (LiFePO4) and smart charger
  • Self test (AS2293/IEC62034)
  • Fully compliant (AS/NZS 2293)

Selected Models

  • 10 Years Design Life – 100,000 hours at max. ambient
  • DALI (IEC 62386-202) DT1
  • Ektor wired monitored system
  • 10 years design life at max. ambient
  • Wireless meshing system
  • IEC 62386 over IEC 62386-104
  • Wireless monitoring via Ektor Lynk
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Body MaterialPolycarbonate
Diffuser MaterialPMMA
Fitting Colour
Installation TypeRecessed
IP RatingIP20


Electrical RatingClass II
Input Frequency50 Hz
Input voltage230Vac
In Australia the Input voltage is defined as 230Vac -6%/+10%. This effectively means that the voltage range of these products are 216Vac - 253Vac or 240V +6%
Standby Power1.7 W
Standby power for non-maintained/switched maintained emergency devices is measured when the light is off and the charger is in standby mode. For maintained emergency devices, standby power is measured when the light is on and the charger is in standby mode. Typically, charging occurs for the first 16 hours after the device is powered or after a battery discharge.
Working Temp Range0 to 40 °C
Maximum Wattage3.7 W


CCT ConfigurationSingle
Lamp/LED Current75 mA
Lamp/LED voltage9 V

LED Lifetime

LED Lifetime Rating
AS2293.3-2018 Projection of Light source life for LED Exit signs (appendix E) Defines the projected time until the surface luminance falls below the minimum required surface luminance for an exit sign.

Colour temperature

LED Wattage0.75 W


Driver IncludedYes
Integrated DriverNo
Driver Type
DALI DT1 Emergency
Wireless (IEC62386-104) with DT1
Flex & Plug or Lead Length1200 mm
Wiring TypeRe-wireable Flex & Plug (2 pin)

Emergency (EM suffix)

Replacement Battery Code01302
Emergency Classification
C0:C25, C90:C20
C0:E12.5, C90:E6.3
Emergency Control
DALI Monitored (DT1)
IEC62386-104 (Wireless DT1)
DALI Monitored ~ Supports Emergency test and monitoring over DALI (IEC62386) with full compliance to IEC62386-202.
IEC62386-104 ~ Supports wireless test and monitoring over IEC62386-104 using IEC62386-202.
Decal Size300 x 150 mm
Emergency Duration90 mins
Emergency ModeMaintained
Emergency Output Power750 mW
Viewing Distance24 m


Product Design Life10 years
The product design life relates to the total product life which includes LEDs, drivers and the enclosure. This is different to the LED lifetime which only refers to the economical lifetime of the LEDs at which time the lumen output has dropped below the L Value. The product design life is calculated at the maximum ambient or working temperature of the product and takes into account the Daily Use.
  • AS/NZS 60598.1
  • AS 60598.2.22
  • AS/NZS 61347.1
  • AS/NZS 61347.2.13
  • AS CISPR 15
  • AS/NZS 2293.3


Commercial Use Warranty5 RTB (Total 5 Years)
Minimum Ceiling Depth100 mm
Cutout305 x 65 mm
Product Height265 mm
Product Length365 mm
Product Width95 mm
DALI DT1 Emergency
Ordering codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability
02686EV-RAZOR-24M-PROEktor Razor Recessed Emergency edgelite Exit 24M Pro
02687EV-RAZOR-24M-PRO-BEktor Razor Recessed Emergency edgelite Exit - 24M Black Pro
Wireless (IEC62386-104) with DT1
Ordering codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability
18101EV-RAZOR-24M-PRO-B-LKEktor Lynk Razor Recessed EM edgelite Exit - 24M - Black - PRO w/wireless
18100EV-RAZOR-24M-PRO-LKEktor Lynk Razor Recessed Emergency edgelite Exit - 24M - PRO w/wireless
Ordering codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability

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Ordering codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability
01302EV-1500mAh-6.4V-LiFeP04Battery- Stick 1500mAh 6.4V- 2 Cell LifePO4
00705EV-CMS-2.4M-5PINCMS 2.4M 5 Pin Plug Set
11790EV-CMS-5CORE-DALI-F&PCMS 2.5M 5 core DALI ext earth flex and plug
11088EV-GEN-DALI-JBJunction box to suit Generation 3 Products
02991EV-RAZOR-24M-DIFFRazor 24M- replacement diffuser blade to suit 02686- including RM Decal pack
02992EV-RAZOR-24M-DIFF-BRazor 24M-replacement diffuser blade to suit 02687-including RM Decal pack-Black
02987EV-RAZOR-24M-DPRazor 24M decal pack to suit SKU# 02686 & BOXIT-SLIM SKU #15053
02988EV-RAZOR-24M-DP-BRazor 24m decal pack - Black to suit 02687
02981EV-RAZOR-LEDFIRE-SM-KITSurface Mounted Kit to suit 2684- 2686- 2660- 2663- 2681- 2661 & 2677
02982EV-RAZOR-LEDFIRE-SM-KIT-BBlack Surface Mounted Kit to suit 2685- 2687- 2664 & 2665.
05302EV-RAZOR-PLATESteel Plate for Large Hole in Ceiling to suit 2684- 2686- 2660- 2661 & 2663.
02004EV-RODMOUNT-BLKRodmount Brackets only for roof and luminaire body - Black (Rod size -25mm)
01990EV-RODMOUNT-WHTRodmount Brackets only for roof and luminaire body - White (Rod size 25mm)
00706EV-WAGO-2.4M-F&PWago 2.4M Plug 5-P Blue WAGO 51110475
00709EV-WIREDBYCLICK-2.4M-F&PWire By Click 2.4M 5-Pin Lead L1025/5